The World is Watching. Whether your show is in the backyard, at the lake, or in the street, once you light that fuse, the whole world is your audience. Make it bigger, brighter and bolder with Showtime Fireworks—the only fireworks featuring the “Showtime, Everytime” promise.

Barely Legal


Do you want to push the limits? The name says it all! Gigantic bursts of fresh red stars with white glitter; green and purple stars with white glitter; fresh red and yellow stars with white glitter; yellow and blue stars with white glitter ending in a barrage of really loud brocade to crackling! 19 shots.

Package Dimensions: 11"x9-1/2"x8-7/8"

Product Size Price
Each $49.95
Case $180.00
*Discount policy does not apply to cases.

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