The World is Watching. Whether your show is in the backyard, at the lake, or in the street, once you light that fuse, the whole world is your audience. Make it bigger, brighter and bolder with Showtime Fireworks—the only fireworks featuring the “Showtime, Everytime” promise.

Multi-Effect Aerials

When you think of grand fireworks displays, that picture in your head is probably a Multi-Effect Aerial. With a single fuse you’ll launch a sequence of intricate aerial effects, including spinners, fish, flower bouquets, comets, crossettes, and more.

  1. Above and Beyond Above and Beyond $19.95
  2. Alien Adventure Alien Adventure $7.50
  3. Close Encounter Close Encounter $17.95
  4. Cosmic Smash Cosmic Smash $12.95
  5. Diamonds in the Dark Diamonds in the Dark $11.95
  6. Dirty Dancing in the Sky Dirty Dancing in the Sky $29.95
  7. Duck Hunter Duck Hunter $16.95
  8. Fast and Furious Fast and Furious $31.95
  9. Fire Frenzy Fire Frenzy $18.95
  10. Flak Attack Flak Attack $15.95
  11. Giant Twitter Glitter Giant Twitter Glitter $7.50
  12. Greased Lightning Greased Lightning $14.95
  13. Midnight Rider Midnight Rider $19.95
  14. Moon Chaser Moon Chaser $19.95
  15. Pure Party Pure Party $19.95
  16. Pyro Splash Pyro Splash $17.95
  17. Reckless Riot Reckless Riot $14.95
  18. Shake N’ Bake  Shake N’ Bake $7.95
  19. Space Jam Space Jam $6.00
  20. Texas Rattlesnake Texas Rattlesnake $15.95
  21. Whack Job Whack Job $29.95
  22. X-Factor X-Factor $29.95