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Rock the Sky

24 shots of Badness that are too good to be true! Time rain mine to color dahlia with white glitter; ending with color dahlia and silver chrysanthemum. 24 shots.

Tower of Terror

These 25 shots of color and effects are SCARY GOOD! Blue star with crackling fish mine to red tail to brocade coconut glitter willow with red star; green tail to brocade coconut glitter willow with green star; blue tail to brocade coconut glitter willow with purple pistil; blue tail to brocade coconut glitter willow with a loud crackle. 25 shots.

Wild N Wacky

Huge bursts at a great new price! Gigantic bursts of purple azalea and silver crackling chrysanthemum's that are LOUD! 7 shots.

Sky Buster

These high flying rockets are packed with action! Red five star w/crackling star; green five star w/white glitte; yellow five star w/red glitter; purple five star w/green glitter.

Rocky Mountain High

Sit back, chill out and enjoy 46 shots of whoaaaa! Red tiger tail, silver tiger tail, green tiger tail, purple tiger tail, yellow tiger tail, spider tiger tail to red dahlia, white flare, grass green, purple star, lemon yellow; pink, chicken blood red with a white flare; grass green, purple star and lemon bursts. Check out the price. 46 shots.

Colors of America

Gigantic bursts explode into the night to Celebrate America! Blue stars with white and red glitter, red wave and blue star with white glitter, silver wave with blue star and red glitter, red wave with blue star and silver time rain, red and blue stars with white glitter, blue stars with red glitter and time rain. 10 Shots.

It's All About Power

These 2-inch Shells will knock you out! Huge, huge alternating bursts of brocade to red, brocade to green and brocade to blue. 9 shots.

Far Out

This fountain is so cool that it cannot be compared to anything on this planet. Red & green star with white chrysanthemum; orange star and blue star with white fir flower; green and blue star laser; blue star and dragon star.


Be the star of your night with this item! Beautiful gold tail to titanium gold coconut bursts alternating with silver crackling chrysanthemum. 7 Shots.

Blow The Bank

7 of the hardest hitting shells you can find will absolutely get the job done! Silver flower willow, red dahlia, sea blue and gold strobe; silver flower willow, pink, lemon, red and gold strobe. 7 shots.

Night Magic

Put your party in a trance with these magical colors! Turquoise, orange and silver chrysanthemum;turquoise, pink and silver chrysanthemum; turquoise, green and silver chrysanthemum. 9 shots.

Some Like It Hot

Can you handle the heat?! This item is angled and will fill the sky. Blue star, orange and green glitter. Purple dahlia with gold & green glitter. Red, green and blue star with gold glitter. Green, lemon and purple with red glitter. Red, green, blue and orange mine to flutter fish with a beautiful blue pistil. Chicken blood red, green, sky blue and lemon peony. 20 shots.

Jokin Jester

Let this Jester put on a show you will never forget! Purple, green peony and gold glitter; pink and gold glitter; sea blue and white glitter with lemon. Pink, sky blue and gold/white glitter; Pink & lemon yellow with a silver chrysanthemum. 12 shots.

Shake It Up

Shake rattle and roll with 9 huge bursts of beautiful colors and amazing glitter. Brocade tail to red, sky blue with white glitter; brocade with white glitter; titanium crackling willow with green glitter. 9 shots.


The state of being intense: extreme strength or force.: the degree or amount of strength or force that something has! This 500g cake has plenty of Intensity. White glitter and silver chrysanthemum mine to sky blue, orange and silver chrysanthemum; sky blue, purple star and silver chrysanthemum; sky blue, grass green and silver chrysanthemum. 36 Shots

Psychedelic Nights

Spread out on your magic carpet and enjoy the ride. 105 shots of ohhhh wowwww. 1 - 10th Row: Red star, green star, yellow star, purple star, blue star with time rain coconut. 11th Row: Red tail to time rain. All ending with HUGE bursts. 105 shots.

Mob Boss

Are you talking to me? 8 shots of awesomeness you have to respect. Red glitter willow and blue star; white glitter willow and red star; crackling willow and red star. 8 shots.

Night Lights

Turn out the lights and let this item dazzle with color and glitter that hangs in the sky forever. Deep red and lemon dahlia with white glitter; orange and purple dahlia with white glitter; turquoise and pink dahlia with white glitter. 8 Shots

Hot n Spicy

Twice the spice and ohh so nice! Alternating brocade to purple star, brocade to orange star and brocade to blue star. 9 shots.

Dirty Deeds

These colorful bursts get down and dirty! Red tail to pink, lemon yellow and white glitter; green tail to pink, orange, yellow and white glitter; blue tail to pink and silver chrysanthemum. 25 shots.

Perfect Temptation

Give in to temptation and enjoy these gorgeous bursts! Alternating pink, light blue and white strobe; pink and white strobe; pink, light green and white strobe. 12 shots.

Sweet Dreams

It definitely won't put you to sleep but you'll dream about it. Red, green and blue color fish; snow flower red and chrysanthemum to green; red, green, blue color fish; silver fountain and titanium crackling with amazing whistles.

Party Cup

Get the party started and party all night with this great fountain. Silver titanium flower w/red, lemon/laser orange w/blue; white chrysanthemum w/green/titanium crackling w/red and green; titanium chrysanthemum w/orange and lemon; silver crackling flower w/red and green.


This fun fountain is picture worthy without a doubt! Titanium chrysanthemum w/orange & blue; gold crackling flower w/lemon & purple; white fir flower w/red & yellow; silver crackling flower w/green, blue & purple; glitter w/red, green and yellow flashing strobe.

For Real?

Yes-we are for real with this fountain! Red fish, silver fish, blue fish, silver chrysanthemum; red fish, blue fish & silver crackling; red & blue star w/titanium crackle.

Ante Up

Ante up and go all in with this great fountain! Red, green w/snow pine; green star w/crackling; red & green w/white chrysanthemum; titanium silver chrysanthemum; red star w/white fir flower; red star w/titanium crackling.

Sky Hawk

These powerhouse rockets fly high and hit hard! Red star w/white glitter; green star w/crackling; blue star w/white glitter; yellow star w/crackling.

Blockbuster Jumbo Smoke Balls

Great balls of smoke! You have to see them to believe them. Thick smoke that is gorgeous!

Smokin' USA

Celebrate America with intense Red, White and Blue smoke! You wont believe how long it goes!

Smokeless Celebration Fountain

Light up your party and really add some WOW! This smokeless celebration candle is perfect for birthdays, weddings and all special occasions. Emits a smokeless shower of sparks.

High Falutin'

Silence the talk with this high-falutin' display of red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a fourteen-shot. 49 shots

Pink-Blue Party Smoke

These bright blue and pink smoke tubes will last for a minute. Great for a gender reveal.