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This is America

The Ultimate American Celebration! 60 Shot Reloadable. Over 100 GIGANTIC COLOR BURSTS! 12 Spectacular Single Break Shells; 18 Action-Packed Double Break Shells; 12 Explosive Triple Break Shells; 18 Power-Packed Canister Shells!

Heavy Artillery

The Ultimate 48 Shot Reloadable! A combination of 24 totally different effect canister shells and 24 totally different double break shells with HUGE bursts!

Time Bandit Torpedos

You know the Hillstrands have caught their limit when you start to feel vibrations in your chest from the biggest canisters in the industry! 32 Explosive reloadable shells with no 2 shells alike. These shells are barely legal and not recommended for amateurs.

Lock and Load

You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! They are GIGANTIC! This is the ultimate combination of 24 totally different canisters and effects on the market!

Flash Bombs

24 Shot Reloadable. Twenty-four totally different canister effects that make HUGE bursts in the sky!

Swamp Blasters

Time to blow up the bayou! And this gives you 16 shells to do it! Turquoise, orange and yellow with gold glitter; Brocade with red glitter; Turquoise and green with gold glitter; Gold crown with green glitter; Turquoise and purple with green glitter; Turquoise and red with crackling flower; Crackling with crackling flower; Deep purple with crackling flower; Turquoise and red with gold glitter; Color dahlia with crackling flower; Turquoise and red with green glitter; Red with crackling flower; Lemon yellow and white with gold glitter.

Bombs Away Quad Banger

Each shell includes 4 totally different effects that separate in the sky to different points before bursting into a multitude of color and LOUD reports. 6 Shells

Bombs Away Triple Banger

Each shell includes 3 totally different effects that separate in the sky to different points before bursting into a multitude of color and loud reports. 6 Shells

Dirty Dozen

These canister shells are bigger than ever! 12 Assorted canister shells explode into huge, LOUD colorful bursts! 12 Shells

Elite 8

The bursts from these Super Shells are GIGANTIC! Spectacular color combinations make these Super Shells the ultimate in reloadables. 8 Shots

Just 2 Good

8 Shot Reloadable. Eight totally different "double-break" shells with spectacular effects.

Bad Bombs

12 Shot Reloadable. Each 1 3/4" ball has a different special effect that shoots into the sky and explodes into huge LOUD colorful bursts!

Big Bad Bangers

Six totally different GIGANTIC Super Shells! We put these huge shells in a six pack so ALL customers can see the very best!

Bullet Bombs

12 Shot Reloadable. Shoots different effects that shoot skyward and burst into huge powerful bursts that explode into an array of colors and effects!

Star Spangled Bangers

We are celebrating RED, WHITE, & BLUE AMERICA with these new Super Shells! This box of GIGANTIC canister shells contains 6 different effects, but all red, white, and blue.

Bombs Bursting in Air

6 Shot Reloadable. These are six assorted special effect canisters with HUGE BURSTS in the sky!

Artillery Shells

Reloadable display shells with six big, exploding shells of purple wave; green wave; brocade to blue; brocade to red; orange with white glitter and lemon with green glitter!

Festival Balls

Reloadable tube with six assorted shells which explode into a beautiful, colored floral bursts!

Fear the Beard

If you fear the unknown…know this! They are BIG and LOUD and that's a fact, Jack! Assorted whistling mines explode into LOUD single-shot Super Shells in a variety of colors and effects.

12 Shot Artillery Shell

12 "Mini" Assorted Artillery Shells that go up approximately 25-40 feet before breaking into colored star bursts.

Sky Dragon

Single floral shots with huge palm tree burst in a variety of different effects

Red Rascals

Six reloadable crackers that go up approximately 25 - 30 feet before exploding.

Air Bomb

Close your ears for this earth-shattering bomb! But don't be afraid to look because the colors will amaze you!

Total Chaos

Each shot explodes from the tube with a mine effect then has a large burst into the sky. Three different effects to the box; Crackling mine to multi-colored burst above; Crackling mine to yellow and blue burst above; Crackling mine to silver glitter and red burst above. This item is truly crazy!

Boom Boom

Cover your ears because this double shot tube is loud! Each tube has a double burst and double bang!

Surprise Surprise

These 3" tubes start with a silver flame and silver showers then explode into different colored mines. There are four different effects in each box; Red and silver glitter. Yellow and blue. Crackling stars. Green and purple.