Welcome to the future of fireworks. FireFly is the only wireless firework device that allows consumers to design and safely launch a fireworks show from their phone or tablet. This is the most interactive way to create and shoot a fireworks show!

This Is How Backyard Legends Are Made!

We encourage you to watch our video. Discover how easy the FireFly is to use. Understand key product features, and watch as you now can sit back with your friends and family and truly enjoy the show!

When it comes to throwing an unforgettable party we believe that FireFly gives you the ability to standout! Are your friends and family ready for a truly customized fireworks show, synced with music, where one click of a button propels you to legend status. Plus, you get to safely sit back, and enjoy the show with your friends and family.

The FireFly Module pairs with your smartphone or tablet via the FireFly Application.

Connect up to 15 consumer-grade fireworks with the reusable firing cables and FireFly clip.

With FireFly you create your own fireworks show! Plus sync your show to music! Or fire individually in manual mode.

Just set the timer and fire via Bluetooth. Safety features include emergency stop and distance warnings.

FireFly Wireless Firing Module

You’re hosting a celebration, and this is no time to be a dud. With FireFly’s wireless fireworks firing system, you can launch fireworks straight from your Android™ or Apple® mobile digital device. Design an entire show with up to 15 fireworks and sync them to music. Or take things slower and launch individual fireworks in manual mode. Show your friends and family who you really are—someone with a ridiculous amount of firepower.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Firing module
  • 8 One-meter reusable connection cables with igniter clips
  • 7 Three-meter reusable connection cables with igniter clips

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Built to handle any boom.

Syncs to music.


What kind of connection does FireFly Use?

FireFly’s wireless firing system has an operating range up to 50 feet (16 meters) and is compatible with Bluetooth® LE. Wind, humidity and other variables can influence the Bluetooth® LE connection distance.

Will FireFly connect to my device?

FireFly will connect to the following Apple® devices: iPhone 6 and above, iPad (third generation and above), iPad Mini (all generations), iPad Air (all generations), and iPod Touch (fifth generation and above).

FireFly will also connect with Android™ devices equipped with Bluetooth® LE technology, including the Samsung Galaxy S6. We are currently working on adding connections to additional devices.

All upcoming devices will support Bluetooth® LE technology and should connect to FireFly.

*It has come to our attention that some Android tablets have shown BlueTooth connectivity issues based on their manufacturers setting. Please research your device BlueTooth connectivity capability to ensure there are no BlueTooth issues that may arise when trying to connect to the FireFly module.

What kind of fireworks does FireFly use?

FireFly will work with any consumer-grade fireworks. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on each individual firework product’s package. Users can design their shows from a preloaded product catalog that includes the firing and effect times. If using a product that’s not in the catalog, you will have to calculate the firing time and effect time manually. At this time, users cannot add additional fireworks to the product catalog. Users also have the option to fire fireworks individually in manual mode.

After firing, can I move father away?

Upon firing, the show downloads to the module. Once this occurs, you can walk back to your guests without fear of disconnecting from Bluetooth®. However, if Emergency Stop is required, you must move closer to the module to regain Bluetooth® connectivity. Do not approach the show if it is not safe.

Clean my FireFly clip heating coil?

After each ignition, fire without a fuse attached to allow the heat to clean the coil. You can lightly blow on the heating coil to rid the clip of any ash from the previous fuse. After each use, it is recommended to clean any significant debris from the heating coil to ensure future fuse connections. Use a soft brush (a paint brush works well) or cotton swab with alcohol to gently wipe around the heating coil, being careful not to bend or break the coil wire.

How far away does FireFly work?

Firefly is a Bluetooth low energy-receiving unit. The effective distance is 30-100 ft depending on the portable device you are using. Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices will have an effective range beyond 50 feet, while Bluetooth 4.0 and above devices will have a range up to 50 ft. Conditions such as line of sight, weather, and other devices in the area can affect this range.

How do I import music?

You may only download purchased music if you’re using iTunes. Click on “import music” in the app and go to your iTunes music library. Choose the song you’d like and import it into the FireFly app. If you’ve purchased a song and it won’t import to the app, try deleting and re-downloading the song. If the song wasn’t downloaded recently, it might not be recognized by apple DRM.

How do I share a show?

Once you’ve designed a show, click “share show.” Anyone with the FireFly app can access the generated QR code. From the app home screen, have your friend click “show designer” at the bottom of the main menu. Then click “import show” and take a picture of the QR code to import the show. The show’s associated song title will transfer over, but the actual song will not transfer (because of music rights). To use the same song as an imported show, you will need to purchase the song.

What batteries do I use?

The FireFly Module requires 8 D alkaline batteries to maintain a high enough voltage to ignite the fuse. Nickel batteries don’t put out enough power to the heating coil. Battery life will vary, but many D alkaline batteries can last up to 50 hours.

Can I sync multiple FireFly modules at once?

The FireFly launch application allows for the connection of six FireFly modules at a time.

Problem: All lights flashing

The system is getting overloaded.

Restart your FireFly system.

When designing your show, time your cues at least two seconds apart.

Problem: Slow response

The FireFly module is placed too far from your Smartphone or tablet. The effective distance is between 30-50 feet.

Bring your Smartphone or tablet closer to the FireFly module.

Low battery power can seriously affect the FireFly module’s response.

Replace the FireFly module’s batteries.

Low power level of Smartphone or tablet can affect the transmission signal to the module.

Charge your smartphone or tablet.

In extreme cold, the batteries and electronic components may respond slowly.

Put a flat, wooden board under the FireFly module to protect it from the cold ground.

Because the FireFly module uses Bluetooth® wireless technology, nearby devices may interfere with the connection.

Keep away from active devices using a 2.4 GHz radio frequency.

Problem: Pairing lost

Bluetooth® on your smartphone or tablet may have disconnected or may be turned off.

Refresh the app and connect to your device. Check in your device settings that Bluetooth® is enabled.

You may have to repeat the steps to pair your device to the FireFly module.

Problem: All cues are red

Bluetooth® on your smartphone or tablet may have disconnected.

Refresh the app and connect to your device. Check in your device settings that Bluetooth® is enabled.

You may have to repeat the steps to pair your device to the FireFly module.

Problem: All cues are red

Bluetooth® on your smartphone or tablet may have disconnected.

Refresh the app and connect to your device. Check in your device settings that Bluetooth® is enabled.

You may have to repeat the steps to pair your device to the FireFly module.

Problem: No ignition

The FireFly connection cable is not plugged into the FireFly module completely.

Check the red and green status indicators at the input port. Both should light up.

The heating coil is not making contact with the fuse.

Test the heating coil with no fuse. If the coil glows red, it is working. Consider adding a small piece of tape over the fuse to ensure placement.

The heating coil is dirty.

Manually fire without fuse connection as the heat itself will clean the heating coil.

Brush the heating coil gently to clean any carbon residue after each firing.

With heavy use, the heating coil may fail.

Replace the connection cable.


  • DOWNLOAD THE APP: Download the app, import your music, and begin designing your show. In Show Designer mode, a product catalog provides fuse and effect times for recommended products. If you want more control on firing times, manual mode allows you to launch fireworks individually with the press of a button.
  • SAFETY PLANNING: Read each firework’s package to ensure proper distance from other fireworks. If the product emits showers of sparks, for example, it could ignite other products. Use the 3-meter cable to ensure adequate spacing.
  • FIREWORK PLACEMENT: Space your fireworks on a level, flat surface. Once you have your final placement, be sure the module is powered OFF and connect the product fuses to the FireFly clip with the module. The fuse should make connection with the heating coil. If the fuse is short or bent, consider using a small piece of tape to secure it.
  • TURN FIREFLY ON: Turn FireFly on and check that the red/green lights are illuminated and the fuses are securely connected. Don’t move the fireworks once the fuse has been connected to ensure the fuse stays secure in the FireFly Clip.
  • BLUETOOTH® CONNECTIVITY: Ensure you have Bluetooth® connectivity (effective distance 30-100 feet, depending on your device) then launch your show. The show will download to the module, so once it begins you can safely join your guests and enjoy your masterpiece.
  • EMERGENCY STOP FEATURE: EMERGENCY STOP FEATURE: Use the Emergency Stop feature if needed. You must be paired to Bluetooth® to achieve this. Do not approach the show if it doesn’t seem safe.
  • HOSE DOWN FIREWORKS: After each show, hose down the fireworks (but not the module) to eliminate the risk of fire.
  • BEFORE YOUR NEXT SHOW: Before starting the next show, clean the FireFly Clip heating coil by opening the clip and firing on manual mode with no fuse. If more significant debris is present, use a soft brush or cotton swab and alcohol to gently clean around the heating coil.
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